Introducing Marketing Attribution: Revolutionary Way To Assess Your Ads!

Oct 31, 2023 | 3 min read | Leave a comment

If you’re running ads on multiple channels, you know how difficult it is to track where and how your customers actually converted. 

With the rise of iOS 14 and the looming extinction of third-party cookies, the tracking ability of ad platforms like Facebook or Google is eroding. The sales report that every channel shows you can be under-reported by the sales they can’t track, or over-reported if your customers go through multiple touchpoints across channels before making the purchase.

Leveraging our own unique first-party data collection method and attribution model, we’re thrilled to announce Marketing Attribution the new feature that ends this problem once and for all!

What TrueProfit’s Marketing Attribution will help you

Know each ad’s impact on every conversion

Looking at our Marketing Attribution page, you are able to view conversion data across all your ad channels.

For every purchase, any ads/ad sets/ad campaigns that generate clicks but not direct conversion are still given credit and are counted into Assisted Purchases; those that generate both clicks and conversions are counted into Last-clicked Purchases.

Since some customers need more than one touchpoint to eventually make the purchase, this allows you to realize which is the final point that directly drives successful conversion without overlooking the ads/channels contributing to it.

Uncover real-time Net Profit brought by each ad channel

As you may know, TrueProfit’s analytics center around Net Profit.

Now at the ad level, we factor in the unskewed Last-clicked Purchases to calculate the most possible accurate Net Profit that each ad channel brings you in real time. This bolsters your strategic decisions when it comes to ad budgeting.

Learn more about all the metrics in your Marketing Attribution Report.

Gain deep insights into customer journey

Curious about how many touchpoints a customer goes through across different channels before making a purchase? You can get the answer at a granular level by clicking on the Order List, which is viewable from Assisted Purchases and Last-clicked Purchases data.

Get started with TrueProfit’s Marketing Attribution

If you are a TrueProfit Enterprise customer, check out our Help doc or head to the Marketing Attribution feature to enjoy the perks of knowing your ads’ true performance from today.

Not yet on the Enterprise plan? Upgrade to our Enterprise plan to get started with Marketing Attribution right away!

Should you have any further questions regarding this feature, don’t forget that our customer support team is always ready to help!

TrueProfit Team

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