TrueProfit Is Now On Amazon: Let’s Explore Your Amazon’s Real-time Profits & Losses

May 09, 2023 | 3 min read | Leave a comment

We’re more than thrilled to announce that TrueProfit is now officially available on Amazon for free. If you’re an Amazon seller looking for an analytics tool to help keep records of all your incomes, profits, and expenses, this is such great news, isn’t it? 

💡Update: TrueProfit has ended support on Amazon from July 24, 2023. We appreciate your loyalty and trust in TrueProfit, and hope you will continue to enjoy our features and benefits for your Shopify store

What Inspires Us to Expand to Amazon?

As the #1 Shopify profit tracker app, we’ve helped thousands of Shopify merchants know their real-time profit insights and make data-backed decisions.

With lots of trust and positive feedback, we’ve decided that it’s time to turn TrueProfit into something bigger – a multi-platform profit tracking solution. And Amazon is our first shot.

So after months of constant research and development, we’re so excited to scream out loud that TrueProfit is now on Amazon.

Real-time & Accurate Profit Analytics For Your Amazon Store!

#1. Instantly access your Amazon’s real-time P&L report

With a one-time setup, TrueProfit will show you all your Amazon profits and losses in real time. So gone are those days when you have to wait +10 days for Amazon transaction reports just to see vague data of the past.

#2. Track all expenses “on and off” Amazon

Apart from Amazon ads, you must be running ads on Facebook, Google, TikTok, Bing, etc., and have custom spends scattered across 10+ different channels.

Don’t worry. With TrueProfit, you can track both Amazon-related fees and all the expenses off the Amazon platform, including referral and selling plan fees, FBA fees, COGS, ad spends, or any custom spend.

#3. Get detailed product & order analytics

Other profit-tracking apps only let you see the peak of an iceberg; with TrueProfit, you can break down your profit analytics to each ASIN and order. This includes net profit, net margin, units sold, sales, Amazon fees, refunds, etc.

#4. Monitor on the go with mobile app

Whether you’re on a business trip or vacation, you can still stay on top of your Amazon store’s performance using TrueProfit’s mobile app version – available for both iOS and Android.

Try TrueProfit For Free Today!

Real-time Profit & Expense Tracking

Instantly know your Amazon store’s real-time Profits & Losses with TrueProfit. No more outdated spreadsheets!

Get TrueProfit for FREE!

If you have questions or concerns about TrueProfit for Amazon, reach our dedicated customer team at

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