TrueProfit v38: Have A Crystally Clear View Of Your ROAS & Revenue

By anhduy | Jun 20, 2022 | TrueProfit's Announcement

We’re back with TrueProfit v3.8! In this latest version, we finally bring you an update you’ve been asking for – it is the Revenue (by UTM) and ROAS metrics of your ad spend! 

In this latest version of TrueProfit, we empower you to track two more ad metrics that matter to the way you optimize your advertisements.

Now after you’ve successfully logged in to your account, as you scroll down to the ads spend chart, you’ll see the newly-added Revenue and the ROAS for each platform. 

We hope this update can help you have more data to optimize your ad spends and improve your ad performance. In addition, in this latest version, you can add multiple TikTok ad accounts to your account (depending on your Plan). 

What’s else? With TrueProfit V3.8, we also brought a few more enhancements as below:

  • Cost Breakdown Chart: as you hover over any variant on the pie chart, it will be zoomed out and the corresponding cost type will be highlighted accordingly
  • The Profit Analytics BETA will be removed to give you a cleaner dashboard