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Instant focus on what truly matters
Instant focus on what matters to your business
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Better focus

BeProfit’s dashboard shows you each and every metric at once. Get used to wrestling with a clutter of data before obtaining any insights.

Meanwhile, TrueProfit focuses on the one thing that ever matters: Net profit.

  • Instantly know your storewide Net Profit on our real-time dashboard.
  • Explore each product’s profitability through Product Analytics.
  • Dive into each ad channel and uncover its net profit down to the ad level with Marketing Attribution.

Definitely better than BeProfit.

I have just started using this app and I just love it. It’s simple to use, straight to the point and it doesn’t give u a whole of unnecessary features. What u need to run your business is clarity not vanity metrics ❤️
- Ethan Sullivan, US -

I love TrueProfit.

We made the switch from BeProfit, and the user experience is incredibly simplified. The functionality is straightforward, and the support is consistently responsive and invaluable.
- Emily Turner, US -

I must say, I'm extremely satisfied.

I found BeProfit to be unnecessarily complex. TrueProfit on the other hand, has been nothing short of fantastic. It fulfills all my needs and comes at a significantly lower cost. I'm thrilled with my experience so far.
- Wesley Payne, UK-

Simply Better value

While both apps offer similar features (Profit Analytics, Cost Tracking, Product Analytics, LTV), most only appear in BeProfit’s Pro and Ultimate plans. For the same tier, you get access to more advanced features with TrueProfit.

Better yet, TrueProfit’s quotas are much more generous in all aspects:

  • Monthly order limit
  • Team members
  • Data time period
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All data in your pocket

No more sticking to your desktop to know your numbers.

Download our mobile app from iOS and Android App Store, and you can enjoy the power of complete financial control and make timely decisions while on the go.

With no mobile app, BeProfit can’t match this flexibility.

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Multi-store overview

Running multiple stores shouldn’t be your disadvantage.

For those with more than one store to manage, you can see an aggregated view of all the stores together with any TrueProfit plans.

A similar feature is available only in BeProfit’s Ultimate and higher plans.

TrueProfit flawlessly manages my P&L.

The software is remarkably user-friendly and powerful. The support we receive is simply outstanding, possibly the best we've encountered. I switched from BeProfit and it's been fantastic. The pricing is lower, and the features are much easier to utilize.
- Benjamin Foster, Germany -

We couldn't be happier.

Our experience with the transition to TrueProfit has been nothing short of delightful. The UI feel much more modern and intuitive. The customer support we've received has been exceptional, with quick, understandable, and on-point responses. Keep it up, TrueProfit team!
- Ava Cooper, UK -

So easy to Use.

We've experimented with a few other P&L analytics app like BeProfit, which turned out to be overly complicated and advanced for our needs. On the other hand, TrueProfit has been incredibly easy to set up and use. We are delighted customers so far!
- Benjamin Foster, Germany -

The comparison that says it all

No need for more words. See it for yourself with this detailed comparison.
Basic Plan Basic Plan


$25 $25
Allotted Monthly Orders
300 200
Extra order fee
$0.2/order $0.3/order

LTV analytics

Multi-store view

Dashboard customization

Track Revenue & ROAS based on UTM

Email report

Export report

Team member

3 1
Data time period
Unlimited 1 year
Advanced Plan Pro Plan


$50 $75

Extra order fee

$0.1/order $0.2/order

Allotted Monthly Orders

800 600

LTV analytics

Multi-store view

Dashboard customization

Team member

5 3

Data time period

Unlimited 1 year
Ultimate Plan Ultimate Plan


$100 $150

Allotted Monthly Orders

2000 1200

Extra order fee

$0.05/order $0.1/order

Data time period

Unlimited 2 years

Team member

10 5
Enterprise Plan Plus Plan

Multi-channel attribution

Yes No

Data time period

Unlimited 5 years

Pricing that doesn’t limit your growth

With your prosperity in mind, we offer unbeatable values at every stage of your eCom journey.
Get the most bang for the buck while stepping up your game!
Basic Plan


The essential features to track your stores
Up to 300 monthly orders
Extra order fee: $0.2 per order
The maximum surcharge is $300
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  • Profit/Loss Analytics
  • Customer Lifetime Value
Ultimate Plan


The insights to scale your businesses globally
Up to 2,000 monthly orders
Extra order fee: $0.05 per order
The maximum surcharge is $500
Get started
  • Everything in Advanced, plus:
  • Quantity Break for COGS Settings
  • Unlimited COGS by Zones Setups
  • Invite up to 10 team members
Enterprise Plan


Everything unlimited

$200$160/month Enterprise Plan
Unlimited orders, no extra fee
Monthly Yearly (Save 20%)
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  • Access to ALL features, plus:
  • Unlimited orders
  • No extra order fee
  • Unlimited team members

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