The upcoming features of Trueprofit in 2021

At TrueProfit, we’ve listened to our users and worked around the clock to enhance the overall user experience. Now we’re as excited as you about the new features that are coming out this year. 

Let’s take a sneak peek at what you can expect from TrueProfit in 2021. 

1. Store Management

Unprecedentedly, you will be able to manage multiple stores with one TrueProfit account. This new and simple way of store management will free you from switching between your Shopify domain names. 

Create a TrueProfit account with your email address

Regarding collaboration, you can set up and manage user access to particular parts of TrueProfit by assigning user roles. Depending on the access level, these roles can be a cost editor, a reporter, an admin or an owner.

Add users and set their roles to co-manage stores

2. Mobile App

A mobile application will be available on both Apple and Google Play Stores.

App Store avalability for iOs and Android devices

You can still monitor the Profit Analytics of all the stores at one glance, but now with (once again) one TrueProfit account. Plus, the displaying content will be better looking and more compatible with the web app version for a consistent experience.

3. Transaction Fee Upgrades

In addition to the 3 default payment gateways (Paypal, Stripe, Shopify Payments), you will be able to add other gateways in the Transaction Fee settings. The available gateways are automatically retrieved from your stores’ historical orders. 

Adding and modifying other payment gateways

4. Shipping Apps Integration

In a new section at the Shipping Cost Settings, you can integrate some of the top Shipping Automation Flatforms. If you’ve been using Shippo, Shipstation, or Shipwire, then it’s time to connect them to TrueProfit. 

The four most prevalent shipping softwares available on TrueProfit

5. Shipping Rule Settings Upgrades

We take the extent to which shipping rules are applied a bit further, from a product to even its variants.  

On the other hand, you can set up shipping rules for specific regions/states in a country (think about states in the US).

6. More Ads Integration

Besides Facebook and Google Ads, your Ad-Spend setting will also cover many other platforms like Bing, Snapchat Tiktok, and Pinterest.

Manage Bing Ads Accounts

7. Redesigned Web App

On our web app, we will be unleashing a brand new UI that is visually improved and more navigable. Your experience on the web app will be much more comfortable than ever.

These features are our latest efforts in making TrueProfit a more all-encompassing and customizable app. Though worth looking for, they are subject to changes that might occur during the development stages. Therefore, releasing details are not available yet. 

Thank you for your patience.