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Get the attribution to fuel growth.

Uncover the real conversion points in your paid ad channels. With TrueProfit Marketing Attribution, gain holistic visibility into your ad channels, down to the ad-level Net profit. Cross-channel server-side tracking that brings you closer to the truth than ever before.

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Reveal the true efficiency of your ad channels

Scale confidently with precise insights

In-platform reports are unreliable

Do you struggle to identify the high-converting ads from the piles of reports from different platforms? If so, you need a better reporting mechanism.

Over-reporting is not so uncommon, particularly when every platform tries to take credit for itself, leaving you no way to decide the truly profitable ad channels. And then there’s the era of post-iOS 14 and Google’s ending of third-party cookies, which is blocking half of your sales data from the report.

All of this is harming your marketing budget, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Invest and scale ads that convert

All decisions lacking real data will result in flaky performances. With Marketing Attribution, you can make important decisions with confidence.

  • Accurate tracking and attribution data: Multiply your success with a clear picture of ad campaigns and its performance – recorded and attributed accurately.
  • Cross-channel reporting: No more switching between channels to collect your numbers. Connect once and have your data updated in real-time in a single dashboard.

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Boost Profit on Ad Spend

With the right data, you can scale high-performing ads and effective assisting ads with TrueProfit’s Last-clicked Purchases and Assisted Purchases metrics.

  • Cross-channel reporting: View important data like ad impressions, total spend, clicks, and more – any way you want with a responsive and fully customizable dashboard.
  • Built-in P&L reporting: Track and measure your store’s key metrics, such as net profit, revenue, average order value, profit per order, and customer lifetime value. Use this data to make more informed decisions about your business.

Focus on only the metrics that matter

Even with multiple attribution models out there, TrueProfit shifts our focus to the metrics that we believe are genuinely meaningful to you: Last-clicked Purchases, Assisted Purchases, and Net Profit.

  • Last-clicked Purchases: Track and attribute the exact ad that led to a successful conversion. Record and scale your most convertible ads.
  • Assisted Purchases: There are ads along the conversion journey that helped your sales but not attributed correctly to let you see the big picture of conversions. This metric makes sure you don’t miss out on any important linking channels in your customer journey.
  • Net Profit: See the profitability of your every ad and channel, as opposed to the same old ROAS that’s only based on surface revenue.

Visualized Customer Journeys:
Meet your customers where they are.

Go Deeper

Dig into your order report with Order Details, Customer History, and the Conversion Journey.

Find the Truth

No more guessing on over-reported data from Facebook, TikTok and Google and whatnot.

Hit the right “conversion spot”

Identify where your ads made an impact. Spend your ad budget smarter and increase ROAS.

Uncover the Hidden

Get the Assisted Purchases metric to uncover all the hidden channels that drive conversions.

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Hear from our early users

TrueProfit doesn't just fix iOS 14.5 attribution problems; it unveils ad-level net profit, and that's a game-changer. It's not just about clicks and impressions anymore. I can see which ads are not just driving sales but real profits.

Manuel García

TrueProfit is where ad attribution gets real. I was tired of dealing with fuzzy attribution data from other platforms. Its accuracy is a breath of fresh air. And the support team was extraordinary. Love the team!

Samuel Smith

Any seasoned businessman knows that accurate ad data is what sets successful merchants apart from the rest. Big thanks to the guys at TrueProfit for giving us this incredible solution. I'm impressed.

Daniel Cooper


Marketing Attribution is available in Enterprise plan

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Up to 300 monthly orders.

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  • Profit/Loss Analytics
  • Customer Lifetime Value Report


The power to grow, data-backed


Up to 800 monthly orders.

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Everything in Basic, plus:

  • P&L Report
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  • Shopify Shipping Auto-sync
  • Customize Email Report by Store


The insights to scale globally


Up to 2000 monthly orders.

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Compare Our Plan Basic Advanced Ultimate Enterprise
Marketing Attribution
Allotted Monthly Orders 300 800 2,000 Unlimited
Real-time Profit/Loss Tracking
Product Analytics
Profit/Loss Analytics
Customer Lifetime Value
P&L Report
Data Export
Quantity Break for COGS Settings
COGS by Zones Up to 5 Up to 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Fixed, Variable, and Custom Cost Settings
Categories for Custom Cost
Weight-based Shipping Cost
Monitor Revenue & ROAS based on UTM
Email Reports
Customize Email Report by Store
Mobile Apps for iOS and Android
Multi-Store Compiled Dashboard
Team members 3 members 5 members 10 members Unlimited
Shopify Shipping Auto-sync
Account per Ads Platform 1 account 2 accounts 5 accounts 10 accounts
External Shipping Platforms

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You can allocate your advertising budget more effectively, improve return on investment, and gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior. Marketing Attribution empowers data-driven decision-making and enhances marketing strategies.

Marketing Attribution allows you to identify which marketing channels and ads have the most significant impact on conversions. By allocating more budget to high-performing channels and optimizing ad strategies, you can maximize your return on investment.

TrueProfit's Marketing Attribution uses server-side tracking, ensuring that attribution remains accurate even in the face of changes like iOS14 or cookie restrictions.

No, setup is simple and takes under 5 minutes and we provide support and resources to assist with implementation and usage.

For each channel and ad, you'll find: Assisted purchases, Last-clicked purchases, Impressions, Amount spent, Clicks, CTR, Adds to cart, Cost per ATC, Purchases, Purchase value, Cost per purchase, Conversion rate, Revenue, Total cost, Net profit, and Net profit margin.

Yes, we take data security seriously and uses encryption and other security measures to protect your data.

Yes, we offer world-class customer support via live chat and email. We also have a knowledge base and video tutorials to help you get the most out of our features.

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