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Profit Tracking Made Easy

Powerful calculation. Monitor all costs and know your true profit. 

Automate profit analysis!

No more oversimplified calculation. Know exactly how much money you’ve earned and start making instant data-driven decisions.

Let us handle the hard work

Automate profit calculation

Track your true profit in real time, all in one dashboard.

Manage Cost of Good Sold

Sync Shopify’s Cost per item, input directly, upload file, or make a super quick estimation.

Sync Facebook & Google Ad spend

Integrate with Facebook & Google to automatically pull in Ad spend.

Manage all possible costs

Shipping costs, transaction fees, handling fees & custom spend. 

Product Analytics

Know the insights of each product: views, ATC, ATC rate, conversion rate, revenue…

Customer Lifetime Value

Monitor the related metrics: LTV, CAC, LTV:CAC Ratio and Repurchase Rate.

Mobile app & Email report

Manage your numbers on the go with Mobile app. Receive report via emails.

Historical COGS

Add different COGS over different time ranges for one product.

Order history

Manage and adjust order’s COGS & shipping costs when necessary.

What set us apart

“We have e-commerce businesses ourselves. This app came from an entrepreneur’s perspective, not just developers. We know what you need.”

– Hoang Chu, Founder –

User Reviews

Great app. Support is next level too. At a fraction of the cost of others, it’s a no brainer. Take that from someone who’s used the expensive ones 🙂


Founder & CEO

Much better than OM. Excellent Support with new features being added regularly. I can rest assured that the data is accurate, bombproof system. Very reliable. Highly recommended!


Founder & CEO

Awesome app with good UI, much cheaper and more features than alternatives! Also saved us a lot of time working with spreadsheets!

Pretty Neat Creative

Founder & CEO

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