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Profit Tracking Made Easy

Say goodbye to spreadsheets! Monitor all costs and know your true profit. All in a clean dashboard. 

Automate profit analysis!

No more oversimplified calculation. Know exactly how much money you’ve earned and start making instant data-driven decisions.

Let us handle the hard work

Manage Cost of Good Sold

Sync with Shopify’s Cost per item; input COSG directly or make a super quick estimation.

Manage Ad Spends

Sync with Facebook & Google to automatically pull in ad spends.

Manage all possible costs

Shipping cost, Processing fees and any Custom costs. Everything gets recorded!

Product Analytics

Know the insights of each product: profit, profit margin, ad spend and more.

Simple setup

One time setup and you’re good to go. Only go back and make updates when necessary.

Make data-driven decisions

Make profitable moves based on real-time insights of your business finance.

What set us apart

“We have e-commerce businesses ourselves. This app came from an entrepreneur’s perspective, not just developers. We know what you need.”

– Hoang Chu, Founder –

Only $19.95 for so much value!

  • Auto profit calculation
  • Add COGS, Shipping cost, Transaction fee, etc.
  • Single product analytics
  • Sync Facebook & Google ad spend 

User Reviews

Simply incredible. I was expecting to pay $50 for such a decent financial app. There’s more room to improve but you really get lots of value from it.

Andre Roberson

Founder & CEO, Socicat

They weren’t exaggerating when claiming a false focus on revenue could kill your business! I did see things better with this app and began to actually optimize for profit. Truly a game changer!

Rosie Bush

Founder & CEO, Ecofitness

I used to make my own report. Frankly speaking I hated it. This app saves me hours of meaningless tasks, it’s quick to set up and super easy to understand. A must-have for dropshippers!

Joe Baker

Founder & CEO, Planta

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