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Finance Fundamentals

A Comprehensive Guide to Data Driven Attribution Model [2023]

Learn about data driven attribution, its benefits, how it provides a comprehensive understanding and of marketing campaigns effectiveness. Read now!

Omnichannel Attribution vs. Multi-Channel Attribution: A Comparison

What are the differences of Omnichannel attribution vs Multi-channel attribution, and which strategic approach results in higher ROI? Find out now!

Reveal The Secret Of Linear Attribution: A Closer Look [2023]

Explore the world of ad attribution and elevate your marketing success with the power of linear attribution. Unlock valuable insights and practical tips!

Profit Calculation

Profit and Loss (PNL): A Comprehensive Guide [August 2023]

A comprehensive overview of PNL and its components. Examine fundamental steps to prepare PNL statement and how to successfully use them. Read now!

3 Best Free Methods To Track Your Shopify Profit & Expenses

You want to track your Shopify profit and expenses but don’t want to pay? Well, we have you back. Here are the best free methods to achieve that!

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Calculating Profit for Your Shopify Store

Obviously, mistakes often occur in Shopify profit calculations, given the number of factors involved. Here are 5 common mistakes you should avoid!


TrueProfit vs Triple Whale: Which Is Best For Your Store in 2023?

Which app is best to track and optimize your Shopify store expenses? Find out in this in-depth comparison of TrueProfit vs Triple Whale!

TrueProfit vs Lifetimely: What Are The Differences? (2023)

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TrueProfit vs BeProfit: Which Is The Ultimate #1 Profit-Tracking Solution?

Today, we'll dive into a head-to-head comparison between TrueProfit vs BeProfit– two leading profit analytics with powerful tracking capacities. Let’s explore!