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Instant focus on what truly matters
Ultra-precise profit calculation & analysis
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Cost Tracking at its Finest

As we place significant emphasis on Net Profit, we do everything to arrive at the most accurate Net Profit possible. That’s why TrueProfit flawlessly handles cost tracking, surpassing what Lifetimely could ever achieve.

Track COGS, synchronize ad spends, transaction fees, taxes, and any custom costs. You can even synchronize and set up shipping costs based on product, location, quantity, or weight.

Outstanding app

I'm no stranger to profit calculators; I've tried them all. But TrueProfit stands out as the most accurate and reliable tool in the game. It doesn't just track costs; it nails them down with precision. Ad spends, taxes, shipping costs – you name it, and it's got it covered.
- HomeCoffee, US -

The best one I've found on the app store

I used this app to help me track my store statistics and profit. Windy from the support team helped me with every detail I asked about. I've requested some extra features to be added, and they are working on this. I'm sure they will do their best as always. Keep it up, guys.
- Roona Beauty, Saudi Arabia -

The best app for profit tracking

The best app for profit tracking I've used. I have tried different, probably most of them in the Shopify app store, but TrueProfit is the most intuitive, well-versed in features, easy to understand and use. Highly recommend!
- Elegant Home, Hungary -

Net Profit at Every Level

Can Lifetimely show you the Net Profit of each of your products, marketing channels, or ads?

With TrueProfit, it’s all possible:

  • Instantly know your storewide Net Profit on our real-time dashboard.
  • Explore each product’s profitability through Product Analytics.
  • Dive into each ad channel and uncover its net profit down to the ad level with Marketing Attribution.
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All Data In Your Pocket

No more sticking to your desktop to know your numbers.

Download our mobile app from iOS and Android App Store, and you can enjoy the power of complete financial control and make timely decisions while on the go.

With no mobile app, Lifetimely can’t match this flexibility.

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Simply Better Value

Here’s what we can’t deny: Lifetimely is a robust tool designed for LTV analysis. However, if you need a solid Profit analytics tool with top accuracy and on-point metrics that lead to profitable decisions, TrueProfit offers the best value you’ll ever find.

Our Basic plan includes these extras:

  • Accurate Net Profit analysis
  • LTV cohorts analysis
  • Mobile app
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Shipping platform integration

The only app that properly tracks my true profit.

Fantastic, works very well. TrueProfit is the only app that properly tracks my true profit. Takes every small thing into account. Truly helps so much.

A must-have app if you are scaling.

I use this app across 7 stores, and it syncs well with everything - we can track 100% of our profit day to day. VAT, COGS, different currencies, ad spend across different sales channels. A must-have.
- Nectarine DK, Denmark -

The best price/value

This Profit calc app has the best price/value. It has everything I need to have a clear view of my PnL. The support team is very responsive as well.
- Magnilink, Belgium -

The comparison that says it all

No need for more words. See it for yourself with this detailed comparison.

Ideal customer profile

Business owners who need to optimize their profit Marketers who seek to understand their customer behaviors and LTV


Storewide, product, marketing channel and ad analysis based on Net profit LTV analysis

Cost tracking

Advanced Intermediate

Profit calculation

99% accurate Intermediate

Product Analytics

Marketing Attribution

Mobile app


Price for a store with 600 orders/mo

$50 $75

Price for a store with 1,800 orders/mo

$100 $149

Pricing that doesn’t limit your growth

With your prosperity in mind, we offer unbeatable values at every stage of your eCom journey.
Get the most bang for the buck while stepping up your game!
Basic Plan


The essential features to track your stores
Up to 300 monthly orders
Extra order fee: $0.2 per order
The maximum surcharge is $300
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  • Profit/Loss Analytics
  • Customer Lifetime Value
Ultimate Plan


The insights to scale your businesses globally
Up to 2,000 monthly orders
Extra order fee: $0.05 per order
The maximum surcharge is $500
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  • Everything in Advanced, plus:
  • Quantity Break for COGS Settings
  • Unlimited COGS by Zones Setups
  • Invite up to 10 team members
Enterprise Plan


Everything unlimited

$200$160/month Enterprise Plan
Unlimited orders, no extra fee
Monthly Yearly (Save 20%)
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  • Access to ALL features, plus:
  • Unlimited orders
  • No extra order fee
  • Unlimited team members

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