Product Updates

TrueProfit V41: Create Custom Email Report Template

1 min read

With TrueProfit V41, you can now create Custom Email Reports to view all your business' important metrics in the most intuitive way like never before!

TrueProfit V40: Introducing Amazon Ad Spend Metrics

1 min read

With TrueProfit V40 , we're so excited to let you track ad metrics on Amazon - one of the biggest global marketplaces.

TrueProfit V39: More Comprehensive FB Ads Report & Better Support

2 min read

Customer experience is our #1 priority. Therefore, this July, we’re releasing a brand-new version, in which we have made some changes with an aim to bring you a better experience with TrueProfit.  Let’s dive right into what we have in store for you! Better manage your ads spend with more comprehensive Facebook ads reports  Here […]

TrueProfit v38: Have A Crystally Clear View Of Your ROAS & Revenue

1 min read

With TrueProfit v38, you can now see a crystally clear view of your ROAS and Revenue by UTM for your ads. In addition, we've also brought some UI enhancements to improve your experience using our app!


1 min read

New feature: See Lifetime Value (LTV) and other metrics: Repurchase Rate, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), LTV:CAC ratio …


1 min read

New features Add Handling Fees in Cost Setting. See Taxes, Tips, Shipping Charged and Handling Fees in Profit Analytics.


1 min read

New feature Report via emails. Edit order’s COGS & shipping costs in Order history. Free plan available. Improvement Frequency of Custom spend can be set to Daily. Improved syncing with Shopify: product/variant update in Shopify will be pulled to TrueProfit.


1 min read

New feature Order history: List past orders in Profit Analytics Shipping cost can be edited manually in Order history Historical COGS: Add different COGS over different date ranges to one product


1 min read

New feature Shipping Cost: Add quantity break to shipping profiles Product analytics: improve ATC rate: ATC Rate = ATC / Avg.QTY Profit analytics: Export data to CSV Ad spend: Auto pull currency rate from server Switch support tool to Crisp Improvement Transaction fees: Shopify will refund charge for external gateway. So we have to eliminate […]


1 min read

Improvement Customize financial status for Product Analytics Do not count COGS for orders that have been canceled or haven’t been shipped Fixed: transaction fee = 0 when finance status is refunded or partially refund Fixed: Unmatched data when changing Shopify time zone


1 min read

New feature Integrate with Google Ads In-app notifications Improvement Improve Facebook data syncing Fixed so many bugs we couldn’t count


1 min read

New feature Add function Redeem code